Don’t Delay Your Tooth Replacement Therapy Any Longer

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If you have a missing tooth, don’t delay your tooth replacement therapy any longer. If left unchecked, a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift out of position, and can even weaken your jawbone. One such measure to fill in the empty space is with dental bridges.

Dental bridges are durable tooth replacements designed to improve your oral health by returning your full smile once more. A smile with missing teeth can make your facial structure sink in, which will cause you to look older and weaker. Dental bridges can reverse this effect and fill out your facial structure for a healthier and more youthful look. With the proper care, dental bridges can last a lifetime.

When you are missing teeth, everyday tasks that you often take for granted, such as chewing and speaking can become harder. Even eating simple foods can be a struggle. However, dental bridges can increase your ability to eat and may remove the speech impediments that come with various forms of tooth loss.

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