Fix Decay with a Filling

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Fillings are used to fill and repair cavities. They are made of several different kinds of materials that fill up the hole made in a tooth by decay. This compromised bit of the tooth is taken out, cleaned and filled in so that it can be restored to its normal function and shape. A filling will also close the portal where bacteria enters the tooth to avoid further decay.

The filling type that is best for you will depend on factors of your dental health. In consultation with your dentist, he will decide which type is best. The different types of fillings include composite resin, and an amalgam (made up of mercury, silver, copper, tin and/or zinc).

The Filling Types:

Amalgam fillings are the most inexpensive and are also extremely resistant to wearing down. The only issue with these fillings is their dark color which makes them practically unusable for teeth with high visibility.

Composite resin fillings are a versatile choice when it is important to match the exact color of the rest of your teeth. While this feature is appealing in many ways, composite resin fillings are the weakest, wear down, and will need to be replaced sooner than the others.

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