The Early Signs of Cavities

Did you know that it’s completely possible to spot a cavity between dental checkups. Oftentimes, we think that the only setting in which our cavities can be spotted and fixed is during our regular visits with the dentist. But if you know what to look for, you can easily identify early cavities and prevent them from becoming a big problem.... read more »

Tips on How to Soothe Teething Discomfort

Are you exhausted because you have been up all night with a teething baby? If so, our dentist, Dr. Minh Nguyen, would like to help you comfort your child so you and your baby can finally relax. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to soothe the teething pain. Those things are: -Rub your baby’s gums (Use a clean... read more »

Debunking Myths about Root Canals

If you are looking for a root canal but don’t know how it’s performed, it’s understandable to be uneasy about it. There are many myths about them. These include some of the following: Myth: Root canals are painful. Truth: Root canals were invented to permanently relieve a toothache caused by infected tissue inside the tooth. Decades ago, the procedure to... read more »

How Much Do You Know About Toothbrushes?

If you think you know all there is to know about toothbrushes, our dentist, Dr. Minh Nguyen, would like to challenge you! It’s important to know everything about toothbrushes and brushing so you can have a top-notch cleaning routine. The better you brush, the better off your smile will be. So, test your knowledge here by taking our dental team’s... read more »

The Oral Health Care Plan that Can Help You and Your Smile

If you want a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile, then you need to develop an oral health care plan. This can help you take good care of your teeth and gums as well as prevent major dental issues and keep your smile in tip-top shape. To help you, Dr. Minh Nguyen has some helpful recommendations. The first recommendation is to... read more »

Don’t Delay Your Tooth Replacement Therapy Any Longer

If you have a missing tooth, don’t delay your tooth replacement therapy any longer. If left unchecked, a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift out of position, and can even weaken your jawbone. One such measure to fill in the empty space is with dental bridges. Dental bridges are durable tooth replacements designed to improve your oral health... read more »

Tips to Aging And Your Teeth

It’s always hard when we realize we have reached an age where we need to pay more attention to our health. The same is true for your oral health. Did you know, your teeth are affected as you age? Well, it’s true! That is why our team here at North Shore Family Dentistry in Stoneham, Massachusetts is here to give... read more »

The Consequences of Avoiding Oral Care

You probably understand that there are a number of things you might be able to do if you’d like to keep your teeth healthy. For example, you may have heard that you should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Similarly, you might know that you should visit our dentist for a routine checkup every... read more »

The Instructions on How to Prepare for Getting a Tooth Pulled

As you may already know, having a tooth pulled is a serious and extensive treatment. This is why it’s best to prepare for the appointment as much as possible. To help you do so, our North Shore Family Dentistry dental team has some helpful tips for you. The worst thing you can do on the day of your appointment is... read more »