A Removable Partial Can Restore the Function of Multiple Missing Teeth Without Invasive Dentistry

If you’ve struggled with tooth decay problems, multiple extractions, or dental avulsion, it can potentially compromise multiple teeth in one area of your mouth. Dental restoration techniques, like dental implants or an implanted bridge, often require invasive oral surgery. For people who are averse to this mode of treatment, Dr. Minh Nguyen recommends fitting you for a removable partial denture.... read more »

New Partial and Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

Your new partial effectively restores the appearance and full function of multiple lost teeth. Including it in your oral hygiene regimen, will insure that it continues to serve you for many years to come. A lot of people who have a partial use denture adhesive to secure it firmly in place and help block out food particles. If you do... read more »