Tips on How to Soothe Teething Discomfort

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Are you exhausted because you have been up all night with a teething baby? If so, our dentist, Dr. Carrie Guernsey, would like to help you comfort your child so you and your baby can finally relax. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to soothe the teething pain. Those things are:

-Rub your baby’s gums (Use a clean finger to massage the gums and relieve the discomfort)

-Chill your baby’s gums (Give your child cold things to chew on because it’s like icing the area. Some things to give them include frozen foods, a cold spoon, a cold binky, etc.)

-Try giving your baby hard foods (If your child is eating solid foods, try giving them something to gnaw on, like a peeled and chilled cucumber or carrot. Make sure to supervise them closely)

-Give your baby an over-the-counter painkiller (This can help relieve the pain for a few hours)

-Use teething toys (Teething toys, especially chilled teething toys, can help your child get through the teething phase with more comfort)

-Keep your baby close to you (Usually, babies are clingy when they teethe. To comfort them, keep them in a baby sling across your chest while you get things done)

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