What Are the Rules Regarding Food and Beverages When I Have Invisalign® Aligners?

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If you want a successful as well as convenient orthodontic journey with Invisalign®, then it’s important to follow the rules your dentist, Dr. Carrie Guernsey, has. These rules can help you care for your appliance and your smile during treatment, which can help you prevent consequences and setbacks. Today, she is happy to remind you of the food and beverage rules set for treatments with aligners. Those rules are:

-Remove the aligner from your smile before you eat or drink (If you keep the aligner in the mouth, the foods and liquids can make the aligner very dirty and it can damage the appliance)

-Brush and floss after each meal and snack and before you put the aligner back on the smile (This can help you prevent dental issues because it removes the harmful substances from the teeth and gums before they are trapped under the aligner)

-Don’t chew gum when you have the aligner on the smile (Chewing gum can stick to and ruin the appliance)

-Try your best to avoid eating foods that encourage the buildup of plaque (This is because the more plaque you have on your smile while you wear your aligner, the better chance you have of suffering cavities)

-Try to eat foods that are healthy for the teeth, gums and smile (These foods, like dairy products, fruits, protein and vegetables, can help you have the strong and healthy smile you need while you align your teeth)

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