Zooming Into a New Smile

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Our teeth are amazing structures. Tooth enamel, for example, is the hardest tissue in the entire human body. They can give us a lifetime of use if we care properly for them. But even with diligent care, our teeth can lose their brilliant luster over time. That is why at North Shore Family Dentistry we offer teeth whitening solutions for our patients.

Teeth can lose their original brilliance over time for a variety of reasons, including staining and discoloration from food, drink, medication, and other sources, and natural yellowing from age. They may also just be genetically predisposed to be less white than others. Fortunately, teeth whitening works to reverse all of these factors.

While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, the best results come from professional-grade products available from the dentist. Dr. Minh Nguyen can give you either take-home whitening kits with custom trays, or perform an in-office Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure. With the Zoom! treatment, your teeth can lighten several shades in as little as one single treatment. It features a powerful whitening agent and a special activating light that accelerates the whole process. While it is painless and of course safe, we do recommend that expectant mothers wait until after pregnancy to undergo whitening treatment.

If you are tired of a less-than-brilliant smile, come into to North Shore Family Dentistry to talk with Dr. Minh Nguyen about a whitening treatment. Even if you just want to use an over-the-counter one, we recommend you consult with our dentist before beginning. Our controlled, professional treatments can make a huge difference in your life and on your smile. Please call our Stoneham, Massachusetts, office today!